"News and Notes"

the Green Mountain WoodCarvers

Bi-Monthly Newsletter

The Green Mountain WoodCarvers publish a bi-monthly newsletter "News & Notes". The newsletter keeps our members up to date on upcoming Club events. Each issue includes a report on the most recent Carve-Ins, as well as dates, locations and directions to the next Carve-Ins. Often the President will include a Presidents Report, and members are encouraged to submit reports on other shows and other carving related activities they have attended. Each issue also includes a carving pattern for members to try.

Over half of our members have opted to have their issue of News and Notes delivered via email. This help save the Club postage, and of course work for the for the Editor. In addition, the issue arrives earlier, and the photos are all in color.

As the recent COVID outbreak has impacted our ability to meet as a group, we are also beginning to do monthly email updates so members can stay in touch with what everyone is carving. To sign up for email newsletters and updates, contact the Club Secretary.


Download an issue of News & Notes in Adobe Acrobat format